Customer Service

  • Hours of Operations
  • How do I submit a work request?
  • How do I gain access to FMAX?
  • Who do I call if I am locked out when the Customer Service Center is closed?


Uniform Management Services

  • Are all University departments required to order work uniforms and professional shirts for employees through Uniform Management Services?
  • What does the uniform service include?
  • When and where are fittings held?
  • Is there a catalog of available uniform items posted on-line?
  • How do I know which uniforms and how many uniforms are allowed per employee?
  • How are work uniforms and professional shirts paid?
  • Can University employees place personal orders for work uniforms or professional shirts?
  • Is a logo required on personal orders?
  • How long does delivery take after an order is placed?
  • What information do you need if my department decides to participate in the uniform service?
  • Do I need to have the University’s Trademark Licensing Department approve our preferred logo for use on uniforms and professional shirts?
  • If I take advantage of the service provided by Uniform Management Service, do I need to have uniform purchases pre-approved through the Purchasing Department?