Annual work uniform and professional fittings are in early spring at the Uniform Management showroom located at 1420 Warrior Drive on the University Services Campus.

Fittings are scheduled to accommodate each participating area as much as possible and with a minimum amount of wait time. Make-up times for missed fittings are always available.

Please refer to getting started for additional information on the uniform fitting process and scheduling.


Personal orders are no longer available through Uniform Management Services. The contract vendor no longer provides these services. Uniform Management Services recommends to use of our campus partner the SupeStore for any University of Alabama apparel needs for personal use.


Specialty items such a prescription footwear or one-off unique items that are not available through the Uniform Management vendor would fall under the responsibility of the department to purchase. The department will need to seek approval to purchase from procurement services. Procurement services will require an email for Uniform Management that the items are not available through our vendor in order to review the request for approval.