Annual work uniform and professional fittings are in early spring at the Uniform Management showroom located at the Employee Resource Center at 1420 Warrior Drive on the University Services Campus.

Fittings are scheduled to accommodate each participating area as much as possible and with a minimum wait time. Make-up times for missed fittings are always available.

  • Fittings for new employees and University departments that do not attend the annual fitting are scheduled upon request.
  • University employees are required to try on each uniform item to guarantee proper fit and to minimize the number of returns/exchanges.
  • Orders are entered into the contract vendor’s order system and reviewed with the employee to ensure accuracy. The employee will be asked to sign the order verifying that the selected uniform styles, colors, sizes, etc. are correct. The order will be reviewed a second time by University uniform program managers. Any necessary corrections will be made.

Supervisors will be emailed copies of the uniform order for their department for final approval.

Fittings by appointment only. Please email Cynthia Thompson at uniforms@ua.edu.