• A list of all employees by supervisor that will participate in the fitting, along with the title for each.
  • The names of employees that work shifts other than M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., so an earlier or later time can be scheduled.
  • Work uniform eligibility requirements for each employee.  These are “rules” that are conveyed to the contract vendor to insure compliance for each area.  This can be a total dollar sum per employee, a total number of pieces from which the employee can choose his/her preference, or a specific number of shirts, pants, etc.  Eligibility for shoes, jackets, coveralls/overalls and frequency of these items (yearly, every three years, etc.) are also required.


Uniform deliveries usually occur 6-10 weeks after the order is placed.  UA employees will be given a copy of their order and asked to compare the contents of the delivery box to the items on the order.  Each employee is responsible for verifying that their order is complete (all items received) and correct (all sizes, colors, styles, etc. are as ordered).  All uniform items must be tried on to ensure proper fit.  This is imperative, since some items can be incorrectly sized or tagged.  If the order is acceptable, they will be asked to sign the order.  Any incorrect items will be noted, and replacements ordered.


All work uniform shirts, overalls, coveralls, caps, and jackets must be embroidered with an approved UA logo.  Uniform Management Services can assist with setting up a logo and obtaining the proper approvals.

Fittings by appointment only. Please email Cynthia Thompson at uniforms@ua.edu.